Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC Creates New Problems On PC, Xbox 360

by Mike Futter on Dec 04, 2013 at 01:57 AM

EA and DICE continue to encounter difficulties getting Battlefield 4 past its launch woes. Now, the China Rising DLC that was released yesterday (December 3), is causing new problems on PC and Xbox 360.

Some PC users are finding themselves kicked from servers immediately after joining. According to an EA support post, DICE has identified the problem. "This fix will take some time to be fully completed, but players should be noticing normal gameplay behavior soon," EA writes.

On the Xbox 360, some users haven't been able to join China Rising servers after installing the DLC. This issue is under investigation.

[Source: EA]

Our Take
DICE launched Battlefield 3 in 2011 to a number of similar sounding network errors. Many of us (myself included) believed that 'this can't possibly happen again.' Now, after shelling out $110 on Battlefield 4 (China Rising is only available right now to Premium members), a number of users can't access the content.

I want to find the great experience that is likely buried underneath the technological rubble. Unfortunately, it might take until the next total eclipse for that to happen.