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Lego Appeals To Minecraft Players With Lego Cobuild

by Isaac Perry on Nov 05, 2013 at 08:26 AM

Lego has announced that they are launching a new line of Lego Minecraft sets. Cobuild lets fans offer their input on the upcoming and expansive range of Lego Minecraft products.

Cuusoo is responsible for past Lego Minecraft sets, which were chosen by and from the community. These previous sets were in the micro-scale. The new range of Minecraft products will be in the minifigure scale. You can join the discussion and influence the design by visiting their Facebook page. They have already taken input on their creeper models. 

Lego has succeeded numerous times in crossing over to video games (we had a great time reviewing their latest entry, Lego Marvel Super Heroes). We can’t help but be supportive anytime a video game makes the leap toward Legos.

Thanks to reader Eric R. for the tip.