PixelJunk Shooter Coming To PC, Mac, And Linux Next Month

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 05, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Double Eleven Studios, the team behind the Vita port of PixelJunk Monsters, is bringing another PixelJunk title, Shooter, to PC, Mac, and Linux next month.

The game will be available through Steam on on November 11 for $8.99. Unlike Double Eleven's previous port, PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD, which added a few new features, it sounds like this port of Shooter will just be a straight recreation of the original PlayStation 3 title. You can head here to read our review of PixelJunk Shooter.

[Source: Double Eleven, via CVG]


Our Take
Personally, Shooter has been my favorite of the PixelJunk series. I'm happy to see it coming to a new platform, but I am surprised Double Eleven is bringing to PC, Mac, and Linux and not Vita. Maybe that is also in the works and Double Eleven is just not ready to announce.