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The Crazy Sights Of TGS 2013: Day Three

by Tim Turi on Sep 21, 2013 at 04:46 AM

For the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2013, I gave you an overview of the show floor. On day two of the show, Kim Wallace channeled her JRPG fanaticism to deliver a more informed viewpoint on TGS titles that may be more obscure to U.S. gamers. Day three of TGS is open to the public, and with it comes in crowds in the hundreds of thousands and groups of dedicated cosplayers. In this TGS photo gallery, we see the droves of excited video game fans, cosplayers dressed as characters from both popular and niche titles, and more.

What was the day before a quiet walk to the Makuhari Messe convention center is now bustling with activity.

Vendors are set up to sell delicious food to the attendees of TGS's public day. I presume these are pickles covered in brown paint and rainbow ants.

The show floor becomes much more difficult to navigate on public days as folks migrate across the show floor.

Tidus and Yuna gaze across the busy show floor planning their next move. This is just before they burst out into the most awkward, forced laughter imaginable. 

The thousands of attendees comes with its rewards. TGS is the place to get StreetPasses up the wazoo. Monster Hunter 4 came out last week and exactly everyone in Japan with a 3DS is playing it.

These fine folks appear to be testing out roller coast safety mechanisms.

What an adorable little guy we've got here...

And this cat is so starry eyed. Awww! There's so many cute things to see...

...Oh! Err, excuse me, sir. I didn't mean to intrude on these official military orders. I think he's grumpy because the TGS crowds aren't too interested in Western shooters that don't involve giant robots (Titanfall's line was up to three hours long).

The Basara 4 booth features some cool traditional Japanese architecture. This style of building always reminds me of going to Yuffie's hometown in Final Fantasy VII when that brat steals all your materia.

I was too distracted by all these incredible, rare Nintendo plushes that didn't even notice the sign asking me not to take pictures. Well, too late I guess.

The Koopalings would be an incredible set to own. Especially Ludwig and his phenomenal hair.

Kirby can suck up swordsmen to use their fighting prowess. He also seems to be able to do the same to podcasters. I was about to take shot of the Pikmin figures above when I finally noticed the no-photos sign. Time to skedaddle. 

I had the hardest time finding the so-called Cosplay Alley this year. I eventually followed a couple girls with pink hair, thinking they may know something I didn't. Lo and behold I found more people with pink hair. First up here is Poison from Final Fight.

Next up we have Yu and Chie from Persona 4 looking quite dashing.

I swear Tifa and Yuffie unleashed their Limit Breaks right before I took this picture. I just barely missed it. They leveled up and everything. Sorry.

I just didn't have the heart (or Japanese vocabulary) to tell her about her stocking.

Chun Li should really give Bowser his jewelry back.

After standing out in the beating sun of Cosplay Alley, I turned to a vending machine for something cool to stymie my steady flow of sweat.

Ahh wonderful, I just have some... Pocari Sweat? A drink with sweat in the title. Huh. Well that's enough Japan for one day. Thanks for going on this adventure with us!