We were back in action scouring the show floor of Tokyo Game Show on the second day, so you don't have to miss out on the party.

Tim Turi took the lead on day one, but I got into some mischief on day two. I found Japanese games I hope get localized, tracked down Hatsune Miku, and found video game memorabilia to pine for. Enjoy!

I started my day out at with some Tales. Playing a bit of Tales of Symphonia brought all kinds of nostalgic memories. I forgot how young the cast looks after just playing the maturer design of Xillia.

After my Tales bout, I realized that I have Grant Theft Auto V waiting for me at home, and to ease the wait, I thought I'd play some. Until I saw the 120 minute wait. Be happy, you're not waiting two hours to cause mayhem.

Luckily, Japan's omnipresent celebrity and infamous vocaloid, Hatsune Miku was around to cheer to me up.

Then I saw this sign and my curiosity got the best of me...

Move over booth babes. These men are offering up plenty of romance and photo ops. 

Needing to finally get back to work, I hopped over to the Square Enix booth and immediately stopped in my tracks to look at this badass Lightning photo.

This lead to me finding the Square Enix store at the convention, which was packed with some amazing figures. I like how Lightning isn't even going to acknowledge lovebirds Yuna and Tidus.

Of course, you can't look at Square merchandise without finding the Dragon Quest love. 

And just who do I find while out shopping? Tim Turi in the Capcom store. Does Tim like Mega Man or something?

Tim got to chat a bit with Suda about his career and new game, Lily Bergamo...

But guess what, Tim? I frickin' met Lily Bergamo. So there.

Oh, Legend of Heroes. How I long for more of thee...

I stopped by NISA's event, where the Danganronpa producer catered to the game's biggest star...

All the anime stars are teaming up for all the right reasons

Beware of the Monster Hunter fans. No really, that's what everybody is playing right now in Japan. Every other person I StreetPass on my 3DS is playing it. I feel left out.

And this one goes out to all the Phantasy Star fans...you needed a new localization hopeful, right?

This last photo goes out to Dan Ryckert. I hope this shot of Japanese wrestlers makes you proud.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post containing shots from TGS 2013's first public day, which brings waves of cosplayers with it.