Disney Releases Five New Toy Boxes, Including One (Bio)Shocking Choice

by Mike Futter on Sep 05, 2013 at 06:30 AM


Update: Disney Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi has clarified the genesis of the new toy boxes via Twitter.


Original Story:

Disney and Avalanche Studios have rolled out another set of Toy Box playgrounds for Infinity players. These are free, and this set has something for platforming fans, Disney park aficionados, Star Wars junkies, and even fans of Bioshock Infinite. Yes: Bioshock Infinite.

The five new toy boxes cover a range of experiences, but the one that caught our eye is called "Toy Columbia." It's described as "a sprawling city in the sky with infinite possibilities." We reached out to Disney, and a representative told us that this creation is user-generated content. 

This comes in advance of Disney's first Toy Box challenge, which will be focused on race tracks. That event will kick off on September 12, 2013. For more on Disney Infinity, check out our review. You can also see videos for the Sky Gauntlet, Jungle Cruise, Trench Run, and Blue Breakout


Our Take
Disney is taking a risk tying its product so closely to 2K Games' Bioshock Infinite. There is some confusion about whether this is an official creation or just user-generated content distributed by Disney. Either way, if 2K thinks there's brand confusion, it could make waves. Best to download this now, in case it has to get removed.