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Disney Announces More Free Day One DLC And Ongoing Toy Box Contests For Infinity

Disney Infinity arrives this Sunday, and we had some questions about the Toy Box mode and Disney's plans for allowing users to share their creations. Executive producer John Vignocchi was kind enough to sit down with us and provide us answers and some exciting announcements.

At last Sunday's D23 presentation, Disney announced a free Disneyland Toy Box will be available for free to download at launch. Game Informer can confirm that four others will join the Magic Kingdom on day one. They are:

  • A race mash-up of Tron's Grid and Wreck-it Ralph's Sugar Rush
  • A medieval arena complete with horse and elephant jousting
  • Alice's Wonderland maze with obstacles and enemies
  • A floating castle high above the clouds

Each of these has been crafted using the in-game editor, and are intended to provide examples of how powerful the Toy Box is right out of the box. Players will be able to share their own creations in two ways.

"You can sign in with your Disney ID on my console and pull down the Toy Boxes you've designed," Vignocchi told us. These work across platforms, just like the physical toys. Each user can store up to 99 Toy Boxes in the cloud.

Disney will also be sourcing the community for the best creations with weekly themed contests. "We have the same customer service team that works on Club Penguin to go through and curate the content, making the best available for people to download," Vignocchi explained. "Each week, between five and ten new Toy Boxes will be available for people to download on all platforms, including iPad."

The mobile Toy Box creation suite was announced yesterday, and connects with the console versions to import unlocked Toy Box assets and transfer created worlds. The first of these contests, The Race Track Challenge, will launch on September 12, 2013. 

Infinity players are invited to start working on their best race track ideas as soon as the game launches on Sunday and start uploading when the contest goes live. Future challenges will focus on sports, castle building, mazes, and more.

More importantly, no matter which playsets you own, you'll be able to play in the downloaded Toy Boxes without restriction. "We grant you temporary access to those toys, so you can play inside of the Toy Box that was created with them," Vignocchi told us. "We went through so many design iterations and finally came to what we think is the best version for consumers." In other words, even if you just own the Starter Set, you'll benefit from all of the free digital content rolled out for at least the next year.

If you do own all of the playsets used in a specific Toy Box, you'll be able to fully edit it. This makes community creations work as templates in addition to play spaces. Look for more information in our review of Disney Infinity, which is coming soon.

Disney Infinity will be in stores on Sunday, August 18, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

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  • I hate the idea of having to buy tons of $10+ figures and sets, just to play a game that's advertised with the line "do anything imaginable". I could see it if there were like, four dlc sets that you could buy and get new characters, but individual purchases like that can be pricey. I can almost hear the screams of the wallets of parents right now...
  • The only way I will get this is if they announce a classic Disney set, featuring black and white Mickey Mouse.
  • This is like Skylanders, but Disney version. -_-. The truth is, i'm not getting any of them. They look very pricey.
  • Disney Infinity sounds pretty rad. But I seriously don't have the money to keep up with all the toys and content, which is sad because I really want to play the game.

  • As a Disney fan, I'm very interested in Infinity. I loved the Toy Box mode in Toy Story 3 so having a full game based around the idea excites me greatly. And while buying figures to unlock things in the game is incredibly pricey, I doubt I'd buy many if or when I get this game. However, I will buy the inevitable TRON and Mickey Mouse figures. And the Pirates of the Caribbean figures. I love those movies. lol

  • I like the idea of playing with my favorite disney characters but I would want to be able to use all of them. I hope Aladdin is going to be in this game cause lets face it, that was the most epic of all Disney movies.

  • Glad it isn't going completely the Skylanders route and making everything paid.
  • Why can't the figures come with the game?

  • Thanks goodness. The cow would have been out of milk by now.

  • nice