New Skylander's Giants Sidekicks Revealed, Available Via Frito-Lay Promotion

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 07, 2013 at 07:26 AM

Much like Activision did with the first Skylander's game, a new set of figures have been revealed are only obtainable by collecting codes from Frito-Lay products.

You can see the new sidekicks above. They are smaller and more adorable versions of Tree Wrex, Thumback, Ninjini, and Eyebrawl. Head here to learn more and start redeeming codes.

The last time Frito-Lay and Activision did this promotion, it was sort of a first-come-first-serve situation, dispersing figures based on ordered preferences. Just because you want a certain figure and list that one first, didn't necessarily mean you were guaranteed to get it. It's unclear if this promotion functions the same.

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Our Take
Frito-Lay must love working with fans of video games – or maybe fans of video games just like eating Frito-Lay chips. For all the Internet memes built around making fun of Doritos and Halo, it's hard to argue that these promotions don't merit some cool things. Exclusive Skylander's figures? Double experience in Halo 4? Quenched thirsts? Satisfied hunger pangs? Free kidney stones and vitamin B deficiencies? What's the downside?