Saints Row IV's 'Alien Anal Probe' Reason For Australia Ban

by Mike Futter on Jun 26, 2013 at 03:42 AM

Yesterday we reported that Saints Row IV had been refused classification by Australia's rating board, meaning the game would not be permitted for sale as-is. Deep Silver confirmed to Game Informer that the offending changes would be made, and the title resubmitted.

Today, we've learned by way of MCV exactly what caused Volition's next Saints Row title to miss even the new R18+ rating. It was an alien anal probe.

Specifically, it's an alien anal probe weapon. Here's how the Australian Classification Board described the device.

The game includes a weapon referred to by the Applicant as an ‘Alien Anal Probe’. The Applicant states that this weapon can be ‘shoved into enemy’s backsides.'" 

When using this weapon the player approaches a (clothed) victim from behind and thrusts the weapon between the victim’s legs and then lifts them off the ground before pulling a trigger which launches the victim into the air. After the probe has been implicitly inserted into the victim’s anus the area around their buttocks becomes pixelated highlighting that the aim of the weapon is to penetrate the victim’s anus. The weapon can be used during gameplay on enemy characters or civilians.

In the Board’s opinion, a weapon designed to penetrate the anus of enemy characters and civilians constitutes a visual depiction of implied sexual violence that is interactive and not justified by context and as such the game should be Refused Classification.

Saints Row IV will arrive on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 20, 2013. 

[Source: MCV]