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Saints Row IV

Taking Silliness To New Heights With Saints Row IV

Volition released the newest trailer for Saints Row IV last week, and I had the chance to play a half hour of the game at Deep Silver’s E3 meeting room. As expected, the sequel proves to be loud, ridiculous, violent, and gleefully stupid. It’s also a ton of fun to play.

The demo was split into two sections. I began with an early campaign mission that establishes the player as the acting President of the United States. As he strolls through the White House, the president gets briefed on the state of the union, passes cabinet members as they smoke weed, greets strippers holding trays of booze, chooses between a bill to cure cancer or another to solve world hunger, and punches a jerky congressman in the crotch. After that, things get silly.

During a press conference, aliens attack the White House and begin abducting members of your cabinet. Retreating to the Oval Office, you grab a gun from the wall and begin blasting your way through the alien-filled hallways. Once a couple dozen meet their demise, the president hops into red, white, and blue missile turret and brings down several alien craft. This section of the demo ended with the player being captured by the alien leader.

For the second half of the demo, I was given the freedom to run around Steelport with a high-level character. It was easy to sprint at super speed, leap high into the air, and glide through the city. As easy as this makes navigation, it will probably eliminate the need to drive later in the game.

Assigning and using your super powers works great, and they came in handy in combat. After assigning a power via the weapon selection menu, my RB button allowed me to perform telekinesis, create a fire shield around myself, freeze enemies and objects, or stomp the ground to create a shockwave. Telekinesis was my favorite, and I got a kick out of grabbing a pedestrian, sprinting to the top of a building, and flinging them far into the horizon.

New weapons are also a blast, allowing you to create black holes and kill enemies with dubstep. I loved creating a black hole in the sky, then tossing pedestrians into oblivion with telekinesis. Being able to fire weapons while using telekinesis is a nice touch, and everything controls well.

In another E3 filled with super-serious assassins and elite military squads, it was nice to see Volition continue to embrace silliness with the next Saints Row entry. It’s looking like it will push into “adult Looney Tunes” territory even further than previous games in the series, and that can only be a good thing for gamers.

  • Can't wait to dubstepify people while naked
  • GI -- might I advise also letting everyone know that SR2-3 are getting mod support and apparently are test runs for full SDK support for SR4? Kind of a big deal, considering up until now the Saints Row games haven't been moddable in any significant way. We might see new missions, game modes, stories -- even new cities full of the aforementioned!
  • one day this will happen...

  • this will be awesome!

  • its far from a GTA SA clone now
  • I think I might miss the serious moments from the other ones. The part in 2 with Carlos gets me every time.
  • A president who takes matters into his own hands....I can get down with that.....I like that this series is sticking with silliness. Helps seperate it from GTA clones.
  • I can not wait for this game!

  • I was really anti-SR4 when it was first announced, but now that we've seen gameplay for it, as well as many trailers, I'm actually really pumped for this game now. I've gotten over the fact that the games will never be like SR1&2 again, but I think that's okay. They're trying to make SR into its own style of open world gaming, instead of just being a silly GTA knockoff, which is a good thing. Plus the whole superpowers thing is really starting to look cool. So I think I'll play SR3 again when it comes to Plus tomorrow to get myself pumped up for this game.
  • I feel like Volition found their voice with SR3, I adored the first 2 but 3 was in such stark contrast to many open world games that tend to lean toward the serious-side (I do understand why others may feel exactly the opposite). I am excited for SR4 but I'm worried about how much content will be present. This was going to be DLC for SR3, how much new content is there and will it be enough to justify a full retail price purchase?
  • This game has gone from GTA clone to something totally different. If they keep this up SR5 is going to have to take place on other planets or in the future.
  • I loved Saints Row 3 but my only problem with this one is... it looks exactly the same as 3 and doesn't warrant a "4"

  • I will have to play this, I never got the chance to play SR3 and really want to before this releases.
  • I'm probably gonna cure cancer in my playthrough.
  • i've never played saints row nor will i ever probably
  • What a tough choice.

    While it sounds cold, ending hunger will probably deplete earth's resources faster so i'm going with cancer, I think curing cancer won't deplete earth's resources as fast...why am I using logic with a game that has none?

  • i'm pumped for this game

  • dafuq

  • Wow, those aliens still look really stupid.
  • I never played Saints 1 & 2 so I can't say which one is better.. but I really liked The Third.. with all its silliness and all... it was a good change of pace in relation with other games... and so far IV look like its going to be even funnier

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