Mojang Details Scrolls Beta And Optional In-Game Purchases

by Mike Futter on Jun 03, 2013 at 08:17 AM

You may recall that Minecraft developers Mojang have been working on a tactical collectible card game called Scrolls. Toady, you can get in on the beta. No applications are necessary, but you will need a credit card.

In two blog posts, the Scrolls team has detailed the elements of the title included in the beta and why players might want to invest in purely optional additional "shard" purchases. As with most free to play games, Scrolls offers two different currencies. 

Scrolls (the "cards" that make up players' decks) can be traded or purchased with gold (earned in game) or the purchased shard currency. There are no items that can't be purchased with earned gold, and Mojang has made assurances that spending money on shards will never be necessary to remain competitive.

Be aware that, just as in Minecraft's early days, buying in now means that you're getting a feature-incomplete package. There are matches, a deck builder, challenges, and trading. More will come later as the game is polished. The Scrolls Beta is available now for $20.

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