New Double Fine Kickstarter Unveiled

by Adam Biessener on May 30, 2013 at 07:27 AM

The studio behind one of the most anticipated Kickstarter-funded games out there just opened another project for backing: Massive Chalice, a tactical fantasy strategy game for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Double Fine’s Brad Muir, creator of Iron Brigade, is heading the project, and envisions it as somewhere between XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics. Massive Chalice takes place across multiple generations, as the player takes on the role of an immortal king or queen who must nurture heroic bloodlines to defend the land from evil.

One tough choice players face over the years in Massive Chalice is whether to keep their heroes adventuring out in the world, or to retire them to raise children who grow up and defend the realm after their parents pass on.

While heroes inevitably fall, and their deaths are permanent, they leave behind relics that contain some of their power that can be used by other members of their bloodline to boost their own capabilities. 

Massive Chalice is built for replayability. Double Fine is borrowing concepts from the roguelike genre, where content is “modular and randomized.” Not only are the challenges facing your kingdom different from game to game, but the heroes available to you are randomized as well – and how they marry and reproduce is up to you as well.

Double Fine has set a $725,000 funding goal for Massive Chalice. As of this writing, over $50,000 had already been pledged within minutes of the Kickstarter campaign’s unveiling. The company hasn’t set any stretch goals yet, but promises to grow the game’s scope if and when more money than the original goal comes in.

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