Sega And Gearbox Respond To Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

by Mike Futter on May 03, 2013 at 06:34 AM

This saga of Aliens: Colonial Marines is not yet over. When it was released earlier this year, the title met a firing squad of critics and consumers. The biggest frustrations though, were focused on the stark discrepancies between footage shown at trade shows and conventions and a final considered inferior by most accounts.

Earlier this week, we shared with you the news of a class action lawsuit focused on the advertising and promotional practiced used. Now, Sega and Gearbox have both responded to requests for comment.

Sega told Game Informer that it, "cannot comment on specifics of ongoing litigation, but we are confident that the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend it vigorously.” Gearbox's response is a more aggressive version of the same sentiment.

"Attempting to wring a class action lawsuit out of a demonstration is beyond meritless. We continue to support the game, and will defend the rights of entertainers to share their works-in-progress without fear of frivolous litigation."

This litigation follows a complaint filed with the UK's Advertising Standards Agency, which resulted in a slap on the wrist and a disclaimer in the note section of the pre-release YouTube videos for the title on Sega Europe's official channel. Whether you agree with the suit or disagree (as our own Matt Helgeson opined this week), if the details of the troubled development are exposed, it will at least be an enlightening exercise.

We've heard from a number of anonymous developers related to the project that the trouble visible on the surface was only a small fraction of the turmoil. Perhaps if this does reach trial, the truth will finally out.