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Classified XCOM Evidence Comes Our Way

by Matthew Kato on Apr 22, 2013 at 10:37 AM

Nobody knows what's going to happen to 2K Games' originally announced XCOM title (back in 2010), but if this stash of classified info is any indication, we may find out soon.

There has been buzz recently that 2K's XCOM (which started out as a first-person shooter take on the series) was going to be making a comeback after having been MIA since it's 2010 announcement.

Today we received a "confidential" banker's box labeled "Burn After Opening" on it. In it were assorted items from the sixties including a map of Rosemount, Georgia (with marks tying the city's Institute of Science, police station, cemetary, New Beginnings Church, and pizzeria together), postcard from Pima, New Mexico, a jar of black liquid and accompanying stained ash tray, and more.

This is a KIA report for a secret service agent killed at the Groom Range Test Lab in some sort of failed extraction attempt. But what were they removing?

Here is an Internal Defense Directorate for the Citizen Skywatch.

Finally, the photo strip shown at the top (of what looks to be a cube-shaped object in the sky) comes with the text:

Fifty years ago, we erased the truth.
This evidence is being shared with a select few.
Work together to uncover what really happened.
The time has come. The world deserves to know.
- X

What's unclear is what this means for the game's current direction. If this recent cache of info is any indication, we should be hearing more about the new/old XCOM in the near future.