Deadpool Achievements Are Crazy And Spoilery

by Mike Futter on Apr 08, 2013 at 12:41 PM

The achievements for Activision's upcoming superhero title featuring Deadpool have been leaked. If you are the least bit sensitive to spoilers, turn back now. Otherwise, we're going to start blabbing like The Merc with a Mouth.

The list of achievements is fifty deep, with nine hidden from prying eyes. The roster offers a look at characters that will appear (Wolverine!), what Deadpool will be eating for breakfast (pancakes!), and the places you'll be visiting (Genosha!). Unsurprisingly, most of the names and descriptions are devilishly funny. 

This information comes just a week after Activision laid off a number of employees at developer High Moon Studios. Deadpool still doesn't have a firm release date, but barring a delay, we should have it in hand this summer.

You can check out the list for yourself over at Xbox 360 Achievements.