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New Deadpool Screens

Activision released a bunch of new screens for its Deadpool game, due out sometime next year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is being shown at Gamescom this week, so check back with us for our impressions so far.

The screenshots are posted in the gallery below.

  • Nice! "You stupid vaguely foreign freaks! You ruined my vacation!"
  • The graphics look really nice!(assuming that they are in-game and not pre-rendered)
  • This game looks sooo good!

  • I'm ready for that bouncy house.
  • I can't wait to break the 4th wall in this game...

  • I can't wait for this....

  • *** yeah, can't wait for this game :D

  • I love how it's going the Wolverine X-Men Origins direction with gore and maturity (or lack thereof in DP's case...) within the game. Surprise decapitations ftw. :D

  • Nice! This game looks great.

  • Bizzaro world spiderman

  • "i can't wait to throw someone off'a this thing!" hahaha
  • I can't f*cking wait for this game. These screen shots have me pumped up.


  • I've never read the Deadpool comics but I have seen the character in the Hulk VS. movies. Hopefully this turns out to be a great game, especially with High Moon behind the development.

  • This game will either be awesome or a huge failure.
  • Mod

    I like the screens so far.

  • Whether this game is good or bad, it will most definitely have personality...

  • I'm really digging the art style. The graphics and concept art really grab my attention.

  • Awesome!! I hope the combat is fast-paced and over-the-top like DMC or Bayonetta!

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