Watch Jetpack-Assisted Dragons In Action

by Adam Biessener on Feb 28, 2013 at 08:55 AM

All the strategic maneuvering and savvy political marriages in the world are secondary concerns when you are a dragon with a jetpack.

Divinity: Dragon Commander, by Larian Studios, has been in development for several years. One thing has remained constant, though: You play a dragon knight, a mythical being who can transform into a dragon. Also, you have a jetpack.

The board game-like strategic map, adventure game-style dilemmas and conversations with your advisors, and grand real-time strategy battles look cool, but one thing looks cooler: dragons, flying around with jetpacks, incinerating vast armadas with their fiery breath.

Have we mentioned that you play a dragon with a jetpack in Dragon Commander? Because you do. And it looks awesome. We hope to have a chance to play it and hit you with fresher details than our last sighting of the game soon.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is in development for PC and Mac, and Larian will hopefully get it out on Xbox 360 as well.