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Blog Herding: Community Edition 02/28/13

by Game Informer Staff on Feb 28, 2013 at 05:00 AM

We're two months into 2013 and have already witnessed the unleashing of several exceptional games that are potential Game of the Year contenders. Speaking of exceptional, enjoy the latest round of brilliant blogs and user reviews, courtesy of the Game Informer online community.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: February 18 – February 24, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 105
Number of User Bloggers: 62
Number of User Blogs Herded: 12

Community Blogs:

Why We Game For Hundreds Of Hours
There are some video games we finish in a dozen or so hours, never to revisit again, but LetMeGetToACheckpoint considers the ones we invest hundreds of hours into and why.

What I Want To See In A Mirror's Edge Sequel
Over four years ago EA took a risk with a new game called Mirror's Edge that starred a female hero and took a non-standard approach to the shooter genre. Opposedcrow88 is ready for a sequel.

Mobile Boardgaming – Some Great Selections
Hist shares his thoughts and a few recommendations regarding the mashup between the traditional board games and their digital variants, which provide global access to other gamers.

Why Does It Have To Be One Or The Other?
Blade tackles a handful of the biggest issues concerning the video games industry, such as digital versus physical distribution, while wondering why it has to be one way or the other instead of both.

How To Build Accessible Multiplayer
Josh Straub discusses firsthand the struggles associated with accessibility in the scope of online multiplayer gameplay while providing a few simple solutions to help mitigate the issues.

How Games Have Changed My Life
With so many focusing on the negative influences video games may or may not have on a person, General Mills44 shares this heartwarming personal testimony on how they have affected his life for the better.

6 Things Pokémon X & Y Need To Have
Pokémon X & Y are upcoming titles for the Nintendo 3DS speculatively scheduled for an October release. Thegodofwine7 has a list of six features he thinks the games need to get Pokémon trainers excited.

Why I Loved Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC
Skyrim, Game Informer's 2011 Game of the Year winner, released nearly a year and a half ago but is still being played by fans of the series, like Skybreaker34, thanks to additional downloadable content (DLC).

A New Take on Empire Building
Inspired by a Game Informer article highlighting Jon Shafer's newest project called At the Gates, strategy game fan AshaMan3000 invests in his first Kickstarter project.

Why Can't We Just Have Characters
Jon Gregory aka JMan240 captures the essence of gender equality among video game characters and how being a male gamer playing as a female character can provide a unique perspective.

Things I Didn't Get To Do As A Gamer
You could summarize this blog as Marco Polo's video game-inspired bucket list, with many of the activities being accomplishments most of us would also like to achieve sometime in our life.

Top 10 Presidents In Gaming
Whether you agree with xl9's list of top ten presidents making an appearance in a video game, the ones he provides certainly had a significant role in the games that featured them.

Community Reviews:

Crysis 3
The recently released Crysis 3 received mostly above average marks from many of the professional reviewers, but John Wrek marks it a bit higher in this comprehensive assessment of the game.

Coin-Crazy Mario Platforming
Apricot's reviews, like this one for New Super Mario Bros. 2, are always pleasant to read since they provide a brief synopsis with just enough details to pique your interest in the game.

I'm Dreamin'... Of A White... Dead Space!
Game Informer hailed Dead Space 3 one of the greatest games of this generation and Paradigmthefallen concurs, awarding the game a perfect score and praising it for its improvements over the first two.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Relive The Best In Stealth-Action
Tim Gruver relives the best in stealth-action gaming as he tackles the arduous mission of reviewing the different games found in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and providing a brief summary of each.

One Of The Best Kingdom Hearts Entries To Date
While waiting around for Kingdom Hearts 3, The Monster Hunter has fallen for the magic of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, a game he calls one of the most enjoyable games in the series to date.

Community Podcasts And Videos:

Let's Play – ZombiU
Craigaleg graces us with another of his dazzling videos (rated M for Mature), this time showcasing Ubisoft's ZombiU, a first-person shooter survival horror video game for Nintendo's Wii U.

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Happy Blogging!

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