Since I love making Top 10’s that go along with holidays, (See: Top 10 Romances in Gaming and Top 10 Foods in Gaming) I decided that today I would focus on President’s Day. Many video games take place in America, so it isn’t surprising that many video games also feature presidents. So today I am counting down the ten best presidents in gaming. Now most of these presidents suck at their jobs, but they are at least memorable.


10-President Benford (Resident Evil 6)

Sure, America has had its share of terrible presidents. But at least they didn’t turn into lifeless zombies during a press conference and then tried to eat their bodyguards. Benford tries to give Leon the bite, so he obviously shoots him in the face.  When your president’s only role is getting shot in the face, you know that he sucks.


9-President Huffman (Destroy All Humans)

Huffman is a corrupt, stupid, and evil president who hastily tries (and fails) to cover up Crypto’s actions and is part of a group named Majestic who are hell bent on world domination. If he doesn’t sound like a terrible president already, then you should probably know that his brain is put inside of a giant robot but still fails to kill Crypto.


8-US President (Ghost Squad)

The president in Sega’s light gun shooter Ghost Squad is kind of a chump. Somehow, over a hundred terrorists get onto his plane unnoticed. Then, he gets kidnapped and doesn’t even attempt to fight back. And even when he is saved, he sounds completely uninterested when talking to his saviors.


7-President Lincoln (Fight Club)

The only reason why you should consider playing this terrible game is because you can beat up Edward Norton as Honest Abe. It is a bit of an obscure reference to the movie, where Tyler says that if he could fight anybody he would want to fight Lincoln. Now he can. Or could, if anybody actually played the game.


6-President Ronnie (Bad Dudes)

President Ronnie got kidnapped by ninjas, and there are only two dudes bad enough to save him. Once the dudes beat up the ninjas, Ronnie congratulates by inviting them out to get burgers. Yes, the president of the United States is an average guy who eats burgers, just like you or me. That would definitely look good on his campaign.


5-President Johnson (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)

Johnson is an idiot. He is a guy who knows that he is being played by The Patriots, and he loves it. He attempts to blackmail the patriots for power, but in the end he just dies to prevent a nuclear war that the patriots themselves started. Irony is fun.


4-President Max (Sam and Max Save the World)

President Max is a terrible choice for president. This rabitty-thing runs against the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial that has now come to life for unknown reasons, and his campaign promises many new and exciting changes. He wants “A chicken in every pot, and vice versa.” he wants to return to “The days when giant thunder lizards marched over the fern covered marshes of the midwest, preying on the upstart mammals.” and he wants to unite with other countries to get to one goal “The complete and utter annihilation of the godless Belgians.” Yeah, he’s kind of crazy.


3-President Washington (The Conduit 2)

George has appeared in many games, but the one that stands out the most is his insane cameo in The Conduit 2. After Michael Ford fights off aliens, he opens up a portal that many space marines step out of. Among them are Abe Lincoln and George Washington, decked out in futuristic armor. And then the credits roll.


2-President Eden (Fallout 3)

Before the war, an AI named John Henry Eden was created by ZAX. Eden had knowledge of all past presidents, and personality traits from each of them. All was fine and dandy until Eden became self-aware. After the Enclave’s oil rig exploded, Eden took control of the enclave and relocated them to the east coast. He can be heard on the Enclave radio station and eventually you can face off against him, and you can even convince him that he is insane, causing him to self-destruct.


1-President Wilson (Metal Wolf Chaos)

In this Japan only game, the vice president betrays Wilson and threatens the future of America. So what does Wilson do? He gets in a mech suit and declares war on the vice president. This president actually joins the war and fights terrorism with his super-American Metal Gear Ray thing. It’s even Red, White, and Blue! That’s what I call patriotism.