BioShock Infinite Gets A Season Pass

by Matthew Kato on Feb 21, 2013 at 03:45 AM

BioShock Infinite fans will surely be tempted to pick up DLC for the game whenever it comes out, and the game's newly announced Season Pass will make sure you do so at a savings.

The pass will be available on March 26 at the game's launch, and will cost $19.99 (PSN/PC) or 1,600 Microsoft Points – a savings of more than 30% for three add-on packs for the game. Irrational Games has not detailed what exactly this content will be.

The game's Early Bird Special Pack will also come with the Season Pass, and this contains four pieces of exclusive gear, a machine gun damage upgrade, a pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for both weapons, and five Infusion bottles.

For the latest look at the game, check out The Lamb of Columbia trailer.