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Bioshock Infinite

The Lamb Of Columbia

Elizabeth is one of the many mysteries surrounding Columbia, and this new trailer for BioShock Infinite revolves around her and some of her strange powers.

The captivating new trailer below not only showcases Elizabeth, but also raises questions about some of the game's enemies, Comstock, and Booker's mission to help Elizabeth.

For another intriguing look at the game, I highly suggest the Truth From Legend trailer series.

BioShock Infinite hits PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 26.

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  • WANT!

  • Best trailer yet. This one has me more excited than Crysis 3. I love how you can make use of your PC with Crysis and it's beautiful, but in the end it's all about the story for me and Bioshock Infinite seems to do a good job delivering a great story. Looking forward to this!
  • The use of the word "lamb" brought back all kinds of Alpha series reminiscing.

  • I am interested in this game, but I am concerned that so far in the Bioshock series everyone who was not a main character was an extremest. That taints, for me, the immersion of games that are supposed to be some what intelligent. I hope they put some real people in this game.
  • I'll admit this game has been on my radar a little bit. But with GodofWar-Ascension coming out and Tomb Raider I haven't read much into it. Looks amamzing though, however I have never played any of the others I'm assuming this is a stand alone game from the series?
  • I asked my local gamestop, and they are doing a midnight launch. I already have taken a few days off of work for this launch! I cannot wait!

  • Stop putting out trailers Irrational! I am trying to go into radio silence on this game and your making it very difficult. I already kicked and loathed myself for watching the 1st 5 minute video. MUST NOT WATCH
  • Its coming, that gives me chills, cannot wait.

  • Mod
    ew ew ew why why why did they change her outfit :/. no she looks like a girl who would work at the daily bugle.
  • Man, March 26 feels like years away at this point. Well, at any rate, guess I'll go play Revengeance and Dead Space 3 to help pass the time.

  • Awesome trailer for what's shaping up to be an awesome game

  • This almost reflects Bioshock 2 in reference to Eleanor?

  • Man, that Defiance trailer GI, please change it!

  • This game looks so awesome.

  • Wow the part at the end about the believing in god part gave me the chills. One thing I have to give these guys is that they sure know how to tell a compelling story (I've forgotten about Bioshock 2 completely).
  • Another great Bioshock Infinite trailer! This game's release cannot come soon enough.

  • Nice to see such a deep story accompanying an action game in these times. Great!

  • This just gets better.

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