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Bioshock Infinite

Second BioShock Infinite Trailer Separates Truth From Legend

Last month, Irrational Games and 2K released a clever video for the upcoming BioShock Infinite. The first episode in the faux-documentary series highlighted what supposedly happened to Columbia, the game's flying city. Now we've got part two, which focuses on the mythology surrounding the game's mysterious Songbird.

The Truth from Legend video below retains the '70s In Search Of... vibe, though you'll have to live without Leonard Nimoy's narration. It's definitely worth watching, even if you're averse to spoilers.  

Head over here if you'd like to watch part one of the series, and click here or on the banner below for more exclusive BioShock Infinite details.

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  • Says the video is currently unavailable.

  • These are the best trailers ever created!!!
  • Jesus, that looked amazing. That's turned it into a day-one purchase.

  • I absolutely cannot wait for this game.
    Unfortunately, it'll be the first Bioshock I legitimately play.

    This trailer had a more creepy vibe, specially when they got to the child part, arghhh, I'm even more excited now.
  • I think this just turned into a buy O_O

  • march is going to be a busy month for me
  • songbird = ghidra?

  • Now that I've seen a few of these trailers, I'm reminded of LOST. I think it will be very cool if Irrational balances the mystery of finding out what Columbia is all about with the action of rescuing Elizabeth. Kind of like, 'explore the floating city and collect clues' with occasional combat. I just don't want it to be run-and-gun the whole time.
  • I really enjoy this style of trailers.

  • I want this so bad.

  • This is really cool. It reminds me of all the Dharma Initiative footage on the Lost special features. I'm admittedly a sucker for this kind of stuff.
  • Can it please be March yet?

  • I'm really enjoying these trailers!

  • These trailers get better and better everytime.

  • Can't wait for this game! :D

  • awesome

  • I had to pre-order it.  The first two Bio Shocks (especially the first one) were so good.  Honestly, Bioshock 1 maybe my favorite game of all time.  Irrational Games does such a great job with the story, writing, ambiance, etc. The choices they force you to make often draw real feeling while you play their games.  Can't wait!  

  • Very nice.

  • These trailers are very intriguing. Can't wait to get my hands on this when it comes out.

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