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PlayStation 4

PS4 Lets Players Try Games Instantly, Control Friends’ Games Remotely

by Tim Turi on Feb 20, 2013 at 11:50 AM

During Sony’s PlayStation 4 presentation today, cloud-computing company Gaikai CEO David Perry revealed how the enhanced PlayStation Network will change the way you play games. The benefits include instantly playing demos of games without downloading anything, spectating any friends’ game, and remotely taking over control for them.

Perry’s description of instantly playing game demos sounds similar to Netflix’s streaming services or OnLive's streaming game service. Gaikai’s network promises to be "the fastest in the world," allowing any PS4 user to virtually look over their friend's shoulder while online. If you’re playing a game and having a tough time with a boss while your friend spectates, they’ll even be able to control your game to help you through. Cerny also suggests developers will allow spectating players to act as a sort of dungeon master, adding things like potions into a game world.