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Blog Herding: Community Edition 01/03/13

by Game Informer Editorial on Jan 03, 2013 at 05:00 AM

With the holidays behind us, welcome to the first episode of Blog Herding for 2013, a weekly feature designed to highlight a collection of noteworthy blogs and user reviews submitted by the Game Informer Online community over the past week.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: December 24 – December 30, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 80
Number of User Bloggers: 54
Number of User Blogs Herded: 8

Community Blogs:

Faster Than Light – Your Own Personal Space Opera
If you have ever dreamed of piloting your own spaceship, Cameron Koch tells you how you can in Faster Than Light, a rogue-like spaceship simulator developed by Subset Games.

Twenty-Twelve: Coming Up For Air In A Media Flood
Social media has revolutionized how many of us receive the news – even video game news – inspiring this piece from David Chandler that wonders about the future of traditional video game journalism.

The Blockbuster Season: Too Much
With a blog that eloquently summarizes a first-world problem many of us suffer from, footthumb reveals the frustration that comes along with too much of a good thing as more great games are released.

A.I. The Hidden Frontier Of Gaming
A fascinating blog by Marco Polo exploring the future of artificial intelligence (A.I.), an important and often-overlooked element of video game design that continues to advance and evolve.

Late Reviews – Why Bother?
The timeliness and effectiveness of reviews, especially those submitted by the user community, are sometimes criticized, but BLiNDFATES defends his position on the value of reviews for older games.

Cultured Games
Joyful Penguin reflects on how he thinks the stereotypical view of being a gamer is diminishing while the cultural influence games can have is growing, citing a few personal examples to illustrate the trend.

Top 10 Video Game Haikus I Made Up
Probably not the sort of top ten list you were expecting from thegodofwine7, but a clever collection of video game-inspired Japanese poems known as Haikus that might just make you smile.

The Hero Of Time: Zelda's Dark Knight
A beautifully crafted blog from Dima chronicling the travels of one of our most beloved video game characters, Link, and his quest to protect Princess Zelda and Hyrule from Ganondorf.

Community Reviews:

RFXRage's Review Of Far Cry 3
This thorough review of Far Cry 3 from RFXRage summarizes how many of us feel when we play Far Cry 3, a game that is being hailed as one of the best First-Person Shooters (FPS) of the year.

New Super Mario Bros. U – Same Old Mario Bros. U
It wasn't a surprise the Wii U had a Mario Bros. launch title, just like it wasn't a surprise you would be chasing down Peach again. What was a surprise for DesertOcelot was the gamepad integration.

Dishonored Review: A Whale Of A Time
Another satisfied gamer intrigued with the dynamic gameplay found in Dishonored, bombstopper shares his experience with the latest title developed by Arcane Studios.

A Dark And Unique Experience Worthy Of Honor
A comprehensive review of Dishonored courtesy of DrJoeystein, discussing nearly every element of the game in great detail before claiming it as one of his favorite gaming experiences of 2012.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (12/24/12 – 12/30/12):
ADAMMWOOLLEY; alex720; AshaMan3000 (2); BLiNDFATES (3); Cameron Koch; cerpintaxman (2); Cru Hunter (2); Daniel Jones; Darth-Carbonite; David Chandler; DessertFood; Dima (2); Doctor Apozem; Drym Shyuan; Emily; Enigma; FinalFantasy1026; footthumb; General Mills44; Glasses (5); Hawke; inferna_assassin; John Wrek; Jolt the Cynic (2); Jon Gregory aka JMan240; JordanTheGamer (2); Joyful Penguin (7); Kate Willaert; lugadi; magiccoffeepot; Marco Polo (2); markus1142; Matthew Fugere; Paradigmthefallen (4); Platysaur; Proprietary-Windmill; Psychotope; quasiconundrum; raiderhater; ReclusiveSpirit; Rich; Rihz; Romars202129; Startrek007; The Destroyer; The Second Musketeer; thegodofwine7; TOGNick; warlord5531 (2); Warrior; wayoverdue; xl9; Yusuke Urameshi; and of course yours truly...Saint.

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