The gaming industry is steadily moving forward, always. New games come out, followed by another batch of reviews. Those reviews get put out, then it's on to the next game. This cycle repeats itself on a never ending loop. While big gaming sites can keep up with everyone thanks to a strong team of gamers, what of the rest of us? Obviously, no one person can review every new release single handed, and what of the time they get it out? Is there a certain time everyone should have their reviews online for a game? 2 weeks after a release? 3? 

The thing is, that we think that by that time, everyone who cares has already seen a review, and they probably have. However, there are a number of reasons I feel that posting late reviews still has purpose. Even with retro games generations back. 

First, though we may initially think that everyone who is going to get it will have gotten it after a certain time, it's not entirely accurate. Not everyone will pick up a game within the first weeks, and others will still be on the fence about the purchase. For that reason, I don't see anything wrong with posting late reviews. There's bound to be at least a small audience that will find it relative. 

I feel this is even more so with retro games, which I myself review upon completion, as I still play a lot of older games. I feel that these retro reviews have even more purpose than reviews that are weeks late. Sure, not everyone will be willing to go back to older systems to play, but there is a huge library of great games from that past, that deserve nothing more than to be remembered and replayed. Perhaps you've never played the game, and you're missing out. It's never to late to pick up an old game. Online websites are full with great deals on older titles. Not to mention, a lot of the big reviewing companies only go back to a certain date in history with their reviews, so in some cases, retro reviews can be scarce.

If you are trying to keep up with your reviews it can be discouraging at times. If you give yourself a certain deadline, you likely not to spend your time playing and enjoying the game. I played through Darksiders II with the intent of getting a review out as soon as possible and I came to find that I didn't really enjoy the playthrough. Sure it's different if its your job, or something you committed to, but why rush through games otherwise. I'd rather enjoy the game to it's fullest, know exactly how I feel about the game, then post a solid review. 

So, I see little reason to not post late reviews. whether it be weeks late, or years, I still think there is a benefit. Sure, it wont be relative to everyone, but sometimes even knowing another's opinion can be interesting. I encourage people to continue to review older games, as there are several great ones that some people may not know about. And take your time with current game reviews.

But what do you think? Is there a point behind posting reviews late beyond the games release month? or year?