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Molyneux's Project Godus Kickstarter Ends, Meets Major Stretch Goal

by Jeff Marchiafava on Dec 21, 2012 at 08:40 AM

The Kickstarter for Peter Molyneux's proposed god game Godus has officially ended, securing five of its six stretch goals before time ran out. See what additions the final game will get thanks to its generous contributors.

Earlier this week Godus was closing in on its first stretch goal with just under two days left in the fundraiser. The Kickstarter ended a few hours ago, with deveopement studio 22 Cans securing £526,563 in pledges, enough to cover five stretch goals. Here's what the extra cash will go towards:

  • Three additional single-player and multiplayer game modes
  • The ability to create your own sect, which 22 Cans calls "A deep social and competitive feature"
  • The game story will now be written by James Leach, a BAFTA award-winning writer
  • Multiplayer co-op and Possession mode, which 22 Cans describes as a first-person world-crafting mode.
  • Linux version

22 Cans fell roughly £24,000 short of its final stretch goal, which would have ensured an Ouya version of the game gets made.

The first-person world crafting mode sounds like the most interesting addition, especially considering Godus' unique visual style. We'll bring you more information on Godus as development now kicks into full swing. For more on what to expect, check out the descriptions and videos on the official Godus Kickstarter page.