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Is Phantom Pain A New Metal Gear Game?

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 07, 2012 at 05:00 PM

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The most talked about game at this year's Spike Video Game Awards show was The Phantom Pain, a game we were led to believe was being created by new developer Moby Dick Studio.

It didn't take NeoGAF users long to throw on their Sherlock Holmes attire to investigate this new game and its developer. What they found first was Moby Dick Studio's website, which doesn't offer much in terms of content, but does detail the company in its "about" section. Here's what it says:

Moby Dick Studio is a game developing company operating out of Stockholm, Sweden. Moby Dick Studio was founded by CEO Joakim Mogren who after years of working for a major American developer brought together people out of various game studios from around the Scandinavian area to start something new.

Our goal is to deliver an uncompromising, exciting and touching game experience to people all around the globe.

We will shortly be disclosing information regarding our first major release.

The CEO, Joakim Mogren, has an interesting name. "Joakim" is actually an anagram for "Kojima." Neogaf then dissected the footage, revealing many links to the Metal Gear series, including a scar on the protagonist's face that matches Snake's from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The character emerging from the fire looks a lot like Volgin. The lines above the Phantom Pain logo supposedly also spell out Metal Gear Solid V, if you use the Metal Gear font.

We'll have to wait for confirmation to know for sure, but I have a feeling Neogaf uncovered the truth behind this game. My guess: It'll be called Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain.

Check out NeoGAF for all of the other hidden secrets in Phantom Pain's trailer.