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Blog Herding: Community Edition 09/20/12

by Game Informer Staff on Sep 20, 2012 at 06:00 AM

We witness another week of fantastic blogs courtesy of the user community. It's also worth noting with Game Informer's effort to continually provide quality content and an entertaining experience, a number of new moderators have been appointed, including a few that will focus on eliminating the spam posts that sometimes plague the blog portal.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: September 10 – September 16, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 136
Number of User Bloggers: 74
Number of User Blogs Herded: 15

Community Events:

A Stranger And Noobtubin8er Extra-Life Co-Blog
Noobtubin8er discusses the inspiration and motivation behind contributing to the Extra-Life charity event that will witness gamers participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon.

Community Blogs:

The Often-Overlooked Aspects Of Sports Games
It's not very often we see a sports-related blog around these parts, but Hist does a great job updating the highlight reel with a discussion on what could make them better and perhaps more popular.

Top 10 Masterminds
It's been nearly two weeks since we've heard from thegodofwine7, but he's back and sporting a new top ten list, this time focusing on the top video game masterminds.

Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary Game Design
Cameron Koch responds to comments made by the narrative director of Halo 4 regarding design philosophy and how "really good game design is evolutionary, not revolutionary."

Ten Reasons Why GamersGate Is Better Than Steam
Although Valve's Steam application is quite popular and robust at what it does, MrVolker777 supports a similar product known as GamersGate that, in his opinion, is a little better than Steam.

What's the most hours you have logged into a single game, and what was the game? For cerpintaxman, it was 170+ hours on Xenoblade, as explained in this blog that chronicles his experiences.

Unconventional Warfare
John Wrek defines his principles of unconventional warfare and then compiles a list of his favorite video games demonstrating unusual combat scenarios and techniques.

The Difficulty Of Comedy In Video Games
An interesting piece from David Chandler talking about the challenges of incorporating humor into video games and how Portal is perhaps one of the best and most successful examples at including comedy.

Best Minecraft Creations That I've Seen
If you enjoy blogs with less words and more pictures, this compilation from Mike showcasing original and impressive content created in the world of Minecraft is a must see.

Are We Gamers?
Jack Gardner contemplates what it means to be a gamer and how the term has evolved over the years to present day and how it is now firmly embedded in mainstream society.

Borderlands: A Love Story
A heartfelt testimony from quasiconundrum revealing a few private details about the personal relationship he has with his wife (and fellow gamer), and how Borderlands contributed to this bond.

The Benefits And Pitfalls Of The Online Pass And Used Games
The debate concerning online passes being used to counter the sale of used games is certainly not a new topic but Stranger provides his perspective in a thought provoking discussion.

Sympathy For Sony
Sony has had its share of ups and downs, but the slump they're in now is at least a little concerning. Marco Polo expresses his sympathy over their struggles and recognizes the things they've done right.

Quality Versus Quantity
Hannibal dissects the topic of video game length and how the duration varies depending on whether it is a smaller game like a downloadable title or a traditional retail game that is normally full length.

Why Do MMOs Need Such A High Level Cap?
A self proclaimed fan of MMOs, opposedcrow88 muses about the extensive leveling and time requirements associated with Guild Wars 2 and how it differs from its predecessor.

Things That I Like That Aren't In Games
In this solemn narrative from debtcollector, he pitches the idea of an open-ended video game that allows players the freedom to explore their surroundings without being encumbered by missions or leveling.

Community Reviews:

Autobots, Roll Out!
Craigaleg constructs another of his notable video reviews, this time for Activision's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, a game he says contains more than meets the eye.

Runs Out Of Steam
Despite mediocre review scores and claims of being underrated, InFamous has quite a few fans and SolidBrix assesses what they can look forward to in the sequel if they haven't played it yet.

The Last Chapter In Gaming's Most Important Sci-Fi Trilogy
Louis Marcos evaluates Mass Effect 3, the iconic final chapter in one of the most popular and successful science fiction video game series that caused quite the uproar with its controversial ending.

Community Podcasts:

The 4th Floor Season 2 Episode 9
TOGNick is the lone man behind the mic in this episode that continues discussing a couple volatile blogs he posted earlier in the week as well as music, sports, and the upcoming Extra-Life charity event.

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 2-36
This is the final episode of season 2 and the whole crew is reunited again as Titus gives an update on Pneumadiluvians, Dean shares his impressions of Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Wes tackles Madden 13.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (09/10/12 – 09/16/12):
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Video Game Quote of the Week:
"Fanatics make unreliable friends." – Garrett, Thief: The Dark Project