It has come to my attention recently that not nearly enough people use the wonderful online distribution center: In an attempt to garner some support of this website I have written a slightly long article about why it’s better than Steam.  I have nothing against Steam and use it frequently, but I believe that GamersGate has it beat for these reasons: 

Blue Coins

    Blue Coins are basically money you get for doing normal actions on GamersGate, and it’s also it’s flagship idea. Blue Coins can be spent to buy any game on the website, there are no restrictions. You get coins each time you purchase an item, review and rate an item, pre-order something, and anytime you answer the question of a user. Finally, you can submit small game guides for 1,000 blue coins each, which is a dollar. When you submit the first of anything (ex. first review) you get double the points. This system is amazing because many games are very cheap on GamersGate and you can buy them with Coins in no time. Also, there is no limit on answering questions for users, so you can answer an unlimited amount of questions a day and make a decent amount of coins quickly. The system creates a lovely cycle and I have have actually made money on a few purchases.

Better Sales

    This one is a self-explanatory one. GamersGate just has better sales than Steam. Even I recognize that Steam has great sales, and this is why I was blown away at how great GamersGate was. Just like Steam, they have daily deals and normally a weekly or publisher sale. The deals are pretty equal in terms of percent off and quantity. However, GamersGate has much better “catalog” deals. For instance, GamersGate’s summer sale was nearly 2 months long. Featuring more games for better prices. I picked up The Guild Complete Collection for $1.50. I made two dollars back from reviewing the all the games in the collection. So, it was free. Today they have 2k Games entire collection on sale. As well as the Civ IV collection.

These are the sales banners right now.

Excellent Service

    This one is simple. GamersGate staff has always been incredibly helpful, quick, and concise when I ask for aid. They know their service, and they know the games very well. Forums are easily accessible, and you can always contact them.


    When you make account you are asked to pick a minion. Different minions correspond to different genres of games. For instance I picked the pirate minion, which corresponds to Action, Strategy, and Casual games. The minion levels up as you do and at higher levels he’ll give you discounts on his specific genres. Also, buying games that correspond to your minion’s genres grant you bonus xp and more Blue Coins.

Your minions appearance also changes over time: mine started with just a broom.

Unlimited DRM

    This is unadvertised as far as I could tell because GamersGate does it in a shifty way. When you buy a game it will appear as if you have a limit of activations due to serial keys or activation codes. However, GamersGate will wipe any previous activations on request. This means that even if you reach your limit on DRM, you can just email GamersGate and they will give another full set of activations. Some games also have Steam DRM, which means they can be activated on Steam. Even if you like Steam, you should at least check if a game you want is on GG with Steam DRM. If you bought all your Steam games off of GG you’d have a large collection of Blue Coins very soon.


Not every single game should be accepted, some of them are just bad. Some of them just won’t sell. However, many indie games have potential, great potential, and many of these games won’t reach that potential without funding. GamersGate understands this, whereas Valve does not. Valve has a habit of only slowly accepting indie titles and only paying low. GamersGate understands that developers need both funding and support and so they created indiefort, and a system where anyone who puts out effort can get their game online. Indiefort is a lot like the Humble Bundle deals, only the prices are static and you get many more games for your money. As for acceptance of other indie games, GamersGate seems to be top-notch at allowing great games to have a chance. I have played, and loved, many small games that I hadn’t heard of until GamersGate.

This is the indiefort 3 championship sale, which is going on right now. Check it out!

No Client, Faster Downloads

    GamersGate is completely web-based and you do not need a client to run anything from their site (unless you unlock it on Steam, more on this later). The only thing you must load onto your computer is a small temporary file that manages your download, then deletes itself on completion. The download itself peaked around 1.5 megabytes per second, Steam peaks around 700 kilobytes per second for me (My speed is rather slow, so those are just my personal results). After the generally quick download, you own the game completely and do not need an internet connection to run it.


Leveling Up

    On you level up as you use the site. You don’t have to spend money and you don’t have to download anything to gain experience points. The best part is that as you gain experience, you get increasingly larger percentages off of certain games. Occasionally, higher leveled members will be given massive discounts on purchases that would be made with Blue Coins.

As you can see, I have gained a lot of experience over time.

Wider Selection of Titles

    GamersGate is currently featuring over 4000 unique titles and claim to have the largest selection of games. I have noticed that they have games I have never been able to find anywhere else. For instance, I was able to find the PC version of Manhunt 2 which is extremely rare for PC. I also found a Pathologic, an excellent but flawed Russian game. There are many more exclusives and rare find on GamersGate. I am finding games I’ve never heard of everyday.


Void Slots

    Void Slots are a unique way Gamersgate has to allow you to try out games. You start off with one Void Slot which can be filled with any of the games that are available for Void at the time. Once you select a game to put in your slot, you can download and play it as if you had bought it. After about a month, you can empty your void slot and select another game. However, you don’t need to if you really like the game you had before. Currently, games like Risen, Majesty, and Men of War are up for Void Slots, as well as a number of other games.

This is my Void Slot at the moment.

Overall, I have great faith in GamersGate, and wish that they would get some more publicity. I strongly recommend that you at least check them out. Like I said earlier, even if you like Steam, buy games with Steam DRM on GG and you’ll get Blue Coins overtime to buy more games. Thanks for reading all this, it’s a long one. Feel free to put your arguments in the comments.

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