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Blog Herding: Community Edition 07/26/12

by Game Informer Staff on Jul 26, 2012 at 05:00 AM

The blogging community continues to grow and expand, posting the fourth highest number of blogs since the feature returned nearly a year ago. There are a number of blogging events and initiatives underway, so it's a perfect time to check it out and join in on the excitement.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: July 16 – July 22, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 129
Number of User Bloggers: 69
Number of User Blogs Herded: 11

Community Events:

Extra Life Gaming Marathon
Team GIO continues to gain steam with Game Informer staff support, front page news coverage, and prizes. You can check out all of the details in this announcement from mojomonkey12.

Community Blogs:

The Playfire Perspective
With websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, social networking is firmly integrated within society. John Wrek chats about one of them that specifically targets the video game industry.

My Long Strange Journey Into Becoming A Gaming Hipster
Certainly not the only one to think so, Stranger discusses how he is becoming less interested in the big name titles and finding more enjoyment from smaller games and independent titles.

Next-Gen Graphics Might Be Too Realistic For Me
In the pursuit of creating the highest levels of realism, game developers have pushed their polygon-crunching engines to the limits, but Doctor Apozem wonders if that's really what we want.

7 Games For Mellowing Out
Do you ever play games just to relax? If you answered yes, then KillerRabbitsFTW has a handful of games you might find soothing, and some of them are not games you would expect to be on the list.

Oh, The Places You CoD Go
Despite its popularity on the servers, posts about the Call of Duty franchise can be a tired subject for many gamers. Well, this blog by Cru Hunter is solid, thought-provoking, and worth your time.

The Next Gen-Gameplan: Microsoft
With the eventual release of next-generation hardware potentially looming on the horizon, Jon Gregory aka JMan240 analyzes their current and future state of affairs.

Bruce Payne 2-1/2: Dizzy Stupor Heroes
Kyle Wadsworth takes a unique approach with his latest photo blog. This time he examines a pair of games simultaneously in a mash-up of two very different heroes you wouldn't expect to see together.

Is The Wii U Really Doomed?
With many industry experts already declaring the inevitable doom of the Wii U, Apricot has a more positive outlook with what the Wii U needs to do in order to survive.

If You Want Something Done Right
Most of us would agree that Hollywood has a poor track record producing movies inspired by video games, comic books, and pop-culture, but as markus1142 points out, it is possible.

6 Predictions (Or Hopes) For The Wii U Smash Bros.
Hard to tell whether thegodofwine7 is being serious or not, but in his latest blog he suggests a few names for the next Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster. Some of the recommendations might surprise you.

Criticizing Excessive Sequels
FinalFantasy1026 muses about a topic most of us are guilty of – criticizing annual releases of certain series but then buying them as soon as they are released.

Community Reviews:

Sonic Colors – Reaching For The Stars
Sonic the Hedgehog has witnessed its share of ups and downs, but this brief review by DesertOcelot claims Sonic Colors, "revives the long dead franchise and sends it in a glorious new direction."

The Secret War
A regular supplier of user reviews, this week Mike Mahardy posts one for the recently released Skyrim DLC – Dawnguard, an expansion pack he says will buy you at least another 20+ hours of gameplay.

Endless Space
Endless Space is a fairly new turn-based strategy, science fiction game developed by Amplitude Studios, reminiscent of the classics from this genre. John Wrek shares his thoughts on the game.

As Old-School As Games Get These Days
Not only can he host a podcast, born4this can turn out a pretty decent user review too. This time he plays Spelunky, a game he warns is brutally challenging but still fun to play.

Community Podcasts:

The Indie & Mojo Show Mass Effect Special Extravaganza
The hosts welcome fellow community member and podcaster born4this back to the show as they devote their entire time discussing the Mass Effect series. Don't forget to check out part two.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (07/16/12 – 07/22/12):
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Video Game Quote of the Week:
"There is no shame in defeat so long as the spirit is unconquered."  – Fenix, StarCraft