Today's short little blog is going to be about the well-thought project known as Playfire. I will be discussing the benefits of a gamer-oriented social networking and sharing site, as well as the ultimately doomed aspect of the site- such as trolling, flaming, etc. If you've never heard of Playfire, then feel free to check it out, because it is actually quite an amazing and helpful little site when it's not being completely spammed in the buzz feed section of trolled on the forums that often don't work. enjoy.

Okay, now- let's go for a little bit of recent history and factual information really quick, just to give yo a definitive background check on Playfire... The site was originally launched in late 2007, but went into beta around four months later, in early 2008. The site now currently boasts over a million users and over fifty-thousand supported games to browse and view information, box art, and rewards or achievements on. Many different game systems and their games are supported, and you can dd virtually anything to your profile as well. The creators of Playfire are pretty experienced as they formerly ran a PS3 oriented website, and have the backing of several entities- such as Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom and former chairman of SCE, Chris Deering.

Now for a little description of the features that Playfire offers to players and interested viewers of the site alike. Once you have created a profile and opted to either choose or not choose the consoles you currently own and operate on, you can visit your Home page to start your descent into hours and hours of viewing profiles and games. You can select Facebook friends to add to your friends ad subscribers list, as well as to search for others you may already know on the site. Under your Gaming Activity sub-category on the Home page, you will notice three links to updates on your games, friends and their updates, and the games you currently have in your owned list. You will also have the most recent comments by your friends as the default listing underneath these. This page will also feature your most recently played game with its progression in percents as well, a most popular games chart which factors in how many of your friends have been playing certain games, and an add to wish list category where you can automatically add games directly to your Facebook as either favorites or interests as well.

Moving on to the Profile page on the website, you will notice that it will have your online name or gamertag, the option to change or select one of over fifty themes for your profile's game-related background, and a brief description of yourself with anything you wish to include. You will also have a gaming "log" or how ever many times you have played the games you own. This is generally one of the most used pages as it also features an overview of what you've been playing, as well as your progress, how many games you own and what they are, a wishlist of games you want, on-site badges you've earned for everything from hours spent playing PC games to number of Xbox achievements, and your online friends as well. You will also find an interactive gaming timeline, the latest posts related to you or by you on your profile and the site, recent gaming activity, stats for every supported console you own, rarest achievements and trophies lists, and even more.

Moving onto the Friends page, you will only see a few items here. First is of course the fact that your friends are all listed here- whether they have a profile yet or not, if they are here their status will be shown. You also will find an online friend counter and description of activities, several search for friends options, and also further notifications. That is pretty much about all you will find on this page.

The busiest page on the site is by far the Buzz page, as it is a live feed of comments and activities by every gamer on the website. This features the comments themselves, comments on these posts, recent "Buzzers" or people who have posted in the last few minutes, the highest ranking posters with the most posts on the site, the top ten "Buzzed" games for this week and their stats, and more. In direct correlation with this page especially, you will also have noted a tab in the top corner of all pages that lights up with notifications and their numbers. Here, you can view any comments on posts you've liked, comments on your profile by others, and even personal messages which you can respond to and view.

The final major aspect of the site is the Discuss page, which is essentially a frequently asked questions forum and a few other tools mixed into one item. This offers a Recent activity forum for everything recently happening on the site or in other video game areas of the world, a feedback area for giving the people who created Playfire your honest or biased opinions- as they may be, and also areas for My Discussions or threads you've created yourself or responded to, settings for the forums, and the option to start your own discussions. This pretty much all but wraps up the major defining features of the site as well. This was merely a brief glance at a fledgling gaming networking site that does many things well and shows promise for the future, and I hope this has helped you to discover something new or to at least see innovation and gain ideas from it for making your own site in the future....

Thanks again. You can find my profile as PHANTOMspyguy on Playfire as well if you wish to befriend me or simply see what games I have listed there, or whatever else you may wish to view...