gdc 2012

Alone In The Dark Creator Wants An HD Remake

by Phil Kollar on Mar 11, 2012 at 11:40 AM

The Alone in the Dark series has fallen into disfavor some time between the 1992 original and 2008's mature reboot, but there's still hope for remembering why the series was once beloved.

Joystiq reports that original Alone in the Dark designer Frédérick Raynal, speaking at the Game Developers Conference, stated that he would support an HD remake of the first game in the series. "I would love an HD remake one day and I hope it will happen, one day," Raynal said.

The biggest obstacle facing Raynal may simply be the rights to the series. The creator was uncertain who actually owns the rights now, speculating that it is Infogrames.

Of course with graphics and gameplay as dated as the original Alone in the Dark, an HD remake would probably require quite a bit more work than the quick visual upgrade of many of the HD collections coming out these days. Still, this is one I'd like to see also. Here's hoping it happens eventually.