Reminder: Three Days Left To Help Fund Double Fine's Adventure Game

by Phil Kollar on Mar 10, 2012 at 05:30 AM

Double Fine has already raised well over two million dollars, but there's still time to join the over 70,000 people who are contributing to the studio's upcoming adventure game project.

As always, you can pledge a contribution on the Double Fine Kickstarter page. A minimum pledge of $15 will earn you a copy of the game, beta privileges, and access to a series of documentary videos on the game's creation by 2 Player Productions, with many more prizes being layered on for bigger pledges. But move fast, as they will stop accepting pledges on Tuesday, March 13.

With the deadline coming up, Double Fine has released a fourth and final update video with a few announcements. There's a new t-shirt that has been added to the gifts to backers, and Tim Schafer also reveals that physical copies of the game will come in a big, old-school adventure game box. Check out the video below.