Syndicate Dev Asks Pirates To Reconsider

by Phil Kollar on Feb 28, 2012 at 03:25 PM

Software piracy remains a huge problem in games, especially in the realm of PC gaming. Some developers counter it by implementing strict copy protection schemes. Some require that you register a code and always stay online to play. Others, like Syndicate developer Starbreeze, come up with some slightly more unique ways to approach pirates.

A poster on Reddit legitimately downloaded Syndicate from Origin but looked in the game's folders to discover an .nfo file. For those law-abiding gamers who may not have heard of it before, an .nfo file is essentially just an extra file usually thrown into pirated copies of a game so that you can know who cracked the game. This one was different though. Starbreeze put it in themselves.

In addition to tongue-in-cheek game and install notes, the Syndicate .nfo file includes a plea to anyone who actually pirated the game:

"Over a hundred people spent several years of their lives making this game. If you like what you play, please consider purchasing it if you haven't"

The .nfo file also notes that Starbreeze is looking for employees who can do programming, game design, and more, explaining how to contact them if you happen to be a particularly talented hacker who might be interested in switching sides, so to speak. You can read the full contents of the Syndicate .nfo file here.

Good on Starbreeze for coming up with a clever approach to a difficult situation. Hopefully it will have some morally challenged software pirates second-guessing their life choices.

[via Stick Twiddlers]