Mass Effect 3 Stuck In A Tree

by Jim Reilly on Feb 24, 2012 at 06:55 AM

Oh dear. It seems EA's Mass Effect 3 Space Edition promotion isn't going as planned.

Yesterday, a number of copies of Mass Effect 3 were launched into space in San Francisco via a balloon that later descended back to Earth. The only problem is one of the packages is stuck in a 150-foot tree.

There are currently around 10 people gathered below the tree hoping for it to drop. The latest plan is to buy slingshots and shoot it out of the tree. "We couldn't find a water balloon slingshot, so we're going to try with marbles! If that fails, a guy at Home Depot offered to make us a potato gun."

I'm sure this will end well.

You can follow the group's progress on the official Mass Effect Facebook page.