GI Community


We're happy to announce the promotion of three more community members, whose excellent blogs will now be featured on Game Informer's front page.

One of the aspects of that we're most proud of is the amazing and talented blogging community that has emerged after the redesign of our website. Every week, countless readers share their opinions about the latest games and examine the industry from all kinds of different angles and backgrounds. The overwhelming majority of our users are mature, articulate, and respectful of their fellow readers, and we couldn't be happier.

We're always looking for ways to promote our most dedicated and productive community members, and one way we do this is with our User Blogs sidebar, which gets the work of some of our best bloggers on the front page. We're still working on a solution that will allow us to publish individual user posts in the main feed, but until that's ready, this is our way of giving credit where credit is due. Today we're adding three new community members to the User Blogs sidebar. They are: CraigalegShootist2600, and Jack, The Quixotic Gamer

Be sure to congratulate you fellow readers in the comments section below, and remember that we're always looking for more dedicated bloggers to promote on the main page, so if you haven't been chosen yet, keep honing your craft and sharing your work with the community!