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  • Destiny's April Update Impressions


    Destiny's latest update showcases how little changes can make a big difference. There are highs and lows to the update but after spending time with it this past week, I found myself invested in a game I left behind in December. He is all talk, trust... More
  • In the Next God of War, I Want Kratos to be the Target


    Allow me to explain; Needless to say, Spoilers Ahead for those who have not played through the first three games. Kratos has been the poster child anti-hero since the franchise's inception in 2005. By no means sympathetic, by no means merciful, just... More
  • That Time the Power Went Out

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    Gamers have unlimited ways to play the games they love, but it requires a source that is not always so reliable; Electricity.

    Gamers have unlimited ways to play the games they love, but it requires a source that is not always so reliable; Electricity. Be it standard maintenance, a random thunderstorm, or a charge cord left behind; one way or another you have found yourself in... More
  • Confession: I Save Scum Too Often


    I am a perfectionist when it comes to gaming.

    I am a perfectionist when it comes to gaming. If the absolute best situation can be achieved on an RPG or strategy game, I will work to make that happen. If I lose something that I could have kept in a game, or had a negative impact that I could have... More
  • To My Grandmother

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    It was all thanks to her.

    I was a kid in elementary school when all of my friends began to get into a little game called Pokemon. It was in every issue of Nintendo Power, it was slammed in your face during cartoons, and it was getting bigger every day. Envious, I watched my friends... More
  • The Gaming Romances that Stick With You


    The Blissful

    Valentine's Day. For some it is a time to reflect on their relationship, others indulge on a multitude of candy shaped like hearts, and a lot more await the following day when the candy shaped like hearts will be half off. It has me thinking about... More
  • How Video Games Helped Me in Leadership


    Squad Goals

    "Alright, for Phase 1, I need everyone to take out the adds. Phase II, step on your plate the second I tell you to and not a moment sooner. Phase III we will DPS the boss. Phase IV we need to hide behind the runes so as not to be killed by his AOE... More
  • Overwatch Beta Impressions and Video Feature

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    A Hero for Anyone

    Overwatch was running its Closed Beta test late last year and I was lucky enough to participate for a weekend. Here is a rundown of the promising features as well as a video highlighting the notable standouts: A Hero for Anyone There is currently a roster... More
  • Confession - I Rarely Customize My Character

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    This time I had to ask myself...why not stay and delve into this further?

    Fallout 4 opens and immediately throws you into a character customization screen. There are sliders for nose length, forehead size, eyelid shape, and any facial feature imaginable. It beckons you to create your own persona, as wild or serious as you want... More
  • Here's to 2016 in Gaming


    Can you believe it is already 2016? Happy New Year!

    Can you believe it is already 2016? Happy New Year! This season always comes in a whirlwind as we wind down from the holidays, take down the Christmas decorations, and deny the fact we must return to work or school soon. As far as gaming goes there is... More
  • Checkpoints Roasting on a Backlog Fire


    There have been a ton of happy Christmas memories, but a few of those times really stood out:

    Video games are synonymous with my Christmas holiday. The vast majority of joyous, childhood memories involve waking up to a new console I had yearned for all year or big new release title that I watched the launch trailer for over and over again. Wish... More
  • The Star Wars Games I Missed Out On

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    Everyone has their favorite Star Wars title, be it the decision filled Knights of the Old Republic or the dog fighting Rogue Squadron; there is one game that captured the feeling of Star Wars perfectly for you. There are also a multitude of these games... More
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