Disney Now Owns Controlling Stake In Deadly Premonition, El Shaddai Publisher

by Phil Kollar on Feb 01, 2012 at 01:35 PM

Despite a steadily decreasing line-up of games, studio closures, and generally getting smaller, Ignition Entertainment built up a name for itself and a niche following over the past few years with strange, instant cult classic releases such as Deadly Premonition and El Shaddai. Now this bizarre game publisher is under the control of a new owner: Disney.

BBC reports that Disney has finally acquired a controlling stake in India-based Ignition parent company UTV. This deal was rumored as far back as last summer and reportedly has less to do with the gaming side of UTV's business and more with Disney wanting to increase its presence in India.

That said, now that Disney owns UTV and is doing minimal game creation with its own studios, perhaps we'll see something new from Ignition? Or perhaps that company will just be absorbed into Disney's existing U.S. gaming branch and disappear as a brand? Either way, I just want a Deadly Premonition sequel with a Mickey Mouse cameo. Make it happen, please.

[via Eurogamer]