Can You Guess Atlus' Next Game Announcement?

by Phil Kollar on Dec 12, 2011 at 01:30 PM

Atlus fans who are part of the publishers' "Atlus Faithful" mailing list received the first hint at the next game announcement from this king of niche Japanese releases.

The image above was contained in an e-mail from Atlus entitled "Can you guess our next game reveal?" The e-mail lists this as the first clue and says the game's title begins with the letter "G."  I'm hoping for Gin Megam Tensei: Gersona 5.

More likely possibilities: Gungnir or Gloria Union, two G-named PSP games announced by developer Sting earlier this year and published by Atlus in Japan. Neither have been officially announced for the U.S. yet, but both are likely to make it here eventually, as Atlus has traditionally brought other Sting-developed titles over to North America.

The e-mail from Atlus promises more clues coming on its Facebook page, but currently there doesn't seem to be anything else. Watch for more hints and presumably an announcement in the coming days.