Most Heavy Rain Players Finished The Game (And Other Fun Facts)

by Phil Kollar on Dec 05, 2011 at 02:30 PM

Ever wondered if having a shorter, relatively simple-to-beat game affects the percentage of players who complete it? Spoiler alert: It does!

IGN posted a number of interesting stats on Heavy Rain gathered by developer Quantic Dream from the three million people who have played the game. Most interesting among these is that a whopping 74% of Heavy Rain players finished the game. In an age where we've been conditioned to believe that actually finishing a game is an oddity rather than the norm, this is an impressive feat. It's also up a bit from earlier in the year when Quantic Dream was claiming a 72% completion rate at GDC.

Other interesting tidbits: 65% of players saved Shaun, the endangered child you spend much of the game tracking down, and 33% of players managed to keep all four protagonists alive by the end. However, a mere 4% played the game enough to see every ending and only 3% stuck it through to get a Platinum trophy.

So are you among the majority of Heavy Rain players who have completed the game or are you still just getting started?