Rumor: Smash Bros-Style Fighter With PlayStation Characters In The Works

by Phil Kollar on Nov 28, 2011 at 02:30 PM

A few weeks ago, some rumors surfaced about a Smash Bros-esque character fighter in development for the PS3. Now some more details have appeared to add dimension to this intriguing possibility.

According to Paul Gale Network, this over-the-top mascot fighting game is in development by SuperBot Entertainment, a new indie game studio that has confirmed it's working on a game for Sony. The game will supposedly be called Title Fight and includes well-known PlayStation-exclusive characters such as Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Sly Cooper, and more. Supposedly even James Bond was being considered at some point because of Sony's involvement in the upcoming Bond film.

According to PGN, the weird "Long Live Play" commercial that Sony put out in October ties into this game, although that makes me wonder why they didn't just announce it then.

The details definitely sound believable right now, but nothing has been confirmed by Sony or SuperBot Entertainment, so let's not jump to conclusions. We'll update you right away if and when that changes.

[via Joystiq]