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Mega64 Reveals The True Drama Of Modern Game Journalism

by Phil Kollar on Nov 13, 2011 at 02:25 PM

Fun story: Last night I finished Uncharted 3. As anyone who reads my Twitter account may already know, I loved the game, but I found a lot of flaws in it as well. I couldn't help but wonder how people might have reacted if I had reviewed the game and brought those issues up. After all, our own Matt Helgeson got some rather angry e-mails for giving the game a 9.5, and I almost certainly would have scored it a bit lower than that.

As if responding directly to these thoughts, today I stumbled upon a great video from Internet jokesters Mega64 titled "Modern Game Journalism: The Movie: The Trailer." This video does a great job at poking fun at our industry's reliance on metascores, the enthusiasm of fans before they've even played the game, and yeah, maybe a little bit on us reviewers as well.

In the video, a popular game reviewer discovers just how upside down his world turns when he decides to give a major release an 8.5. Remember, on the Game Informer review scale, an 8.5 is halfway between "very good" and "superb." In other words, it's a strong score, but I bet some fans would have been very angry if Uncharted 3 had received a score in that range.

Check out the video below or watch it on GameTrailers. And try to have a laugh and have fun in the ensuing comments discussion! We can save the complaining about review scores for elsewhere.