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Battlefield 3 Cheaters Being Banned, Patch Incoming

by Phil Kollar on Nov 13, 2011 at 11:45 AM

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Every competitive multiplayer shooter is going to be faced with the problem of cheaters; the best we can hope for is that publishers are vigilant with the banhammer. Thankfully, it looks like EA is staying quite busy taking care of the scum of the gaming universe in Battlefield 3.

According to the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account, hundreds of Battlefield 3 cheaters and hackers have been banned across all three platforms this past week. The account says they have "zero tolerance for cheating players" and will continue banning freely.

GameSpy reports that many of the banned players were likely using a glitch related to the engineer class that allows players to quickly build up an absurd score in the tens of thousands of points.

In happier news, EA also says that a Battlefield 3 patch is on the way. Amongst the issues being tweaked, the patch will lessen the power of the tactical flashlight add-on. No word on when this patch will hit, but the Twitter account says it's "just around the corner."