Game Of Thrones RPG On The Way

by Joe Juba on Sep 30, 2011 at 12:06 PM

When developer Cyanide announced Game of Thrones: Genesis, I was a little disappointed. I was excited to see a game based on George R. R. Martin's series, but why make a real-time strategy title instead of an RPG? Now, the company has revealed that it is actually making a game in each genre.

Speaking to Kotaku, Cyanide studio director Yves Bordeleau confirmed that the developer is making a full-scale RPG for current consoles and PC in addition to Genesis. Bordeleau describes the gameplay as: "Less action than Mass Effect 2, it's closer to Knights of the Old Republic and the first Mass Effect. It's all about the storyline."

Speaking of which, the story follows two new characters. While none of the book characters are playable, the heroes will encounter them, since the events of the game are happening parallel to the events in the books. The title will also feature some likenesses and voices from the TV series.

Sure, the idea of playing as periphery characters isn't as compelling as taking control of some awesome Starks or Lannisters…and convenient encounters with the main could have a bit of a B-Squad Fellowship feel to it. But if the team at Cyanide can pull it off, this RPG could be a great supplement to the world of Westeros. Cyanide has not announced the game's publisher, but is targeting a release in early 2012.