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A Game Of Thrones – Genesis

Take The Iron Throne This September

Even if you've devoured all of George R.R. Martin's books and gorged on the HBO series, there's still more A Game of Thrones content on the menu. Focus Home Interactive is publishing Cyanide's game A Game of Thrones: Genesis at the end of September.

The PC strategy game lets players delve into the political backstabbing, treachery, and underhanded tactics that fans of the novels know and love. Focus says that it's possible for players to even win the game without entering into open war or amassing an army.

The game was written with Martin's supervision, and the campaign spans more than 1,000 years of Westeros' history. Players will have the chance to defend the wall and participate in Aegon the Conqueror's invasion and the War of the Usurper. Look for it in stores and online September 29.

There's no word yet on how often the words "lemoncakes," "gravy," or "trencher" will appear, though you should probably avoid playing the game on an empty stomach just in case.

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  • Game of Thrones was so great, I'm on backorder in my town's bookstore for the series... It will be cool to see where this game goes.
  • Yay?

  • Wow, this looks pretty cool. And now this reminds me, I gotta go out and read the books. The TV series was amazing, looking forward to this game.
  • Read the books, watching the series, and will probably play the game!

  • A Game of Thrones game? I would play that.

  • I guess you could call this... A Game of Game of Thrones YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!
  • Theres also a group making a Game of Thrones total Conversion mod for Medieval Total War 2 check it out at http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=478241
  • Hopefully this will be good, though I am not sure how well my laptop will run it :P

  • so addicted to the show...books where epic. So i hope they do well with this, although the screens already seem yummy.... now if only they could pop a wizards first rule (book not the abomination on tv) game and i would be set for literarry inspired games for a bit anyways. :)

  • a book turned show turned game  intresting  i haven't read any of the books  n have no tv atm  but game doesn't sound bad

  • I am interested to see how this game turns out.

  • Cool, but uh, bad timing? I love the HBO series, sad to say I've never read the books...
  • i must be living under a rock because ive never heard of this series
  • I'm skeptical because this is the first time I've heard of this game. Hopefully GI will review it. Games based on licensed property usually don't end up well and ones that are rushed out the door so they release at the height of popularity of the series don't have a good chance.
  • Never heard of this before but everything else GoT has been great so hopefully they do the universe justice. Screenshots look pretty cool.
  • Looks interesting. I admit I've never touched the books but I loved the HBO series and I'm eagerly awaiting news of the second season. This just might tide me over until then.

  • There's some thing im not so sure about this. First, The wall. In the books its described as a giant wall of ice! Not icy rock and stone wall. I saw another screenshot showing the Erye. and it also didnt look anything described in the book, so im not really sure yet about this game. =/
  • I just got the first book (A Game of Thrones) from Amazon today and I can't wait to delve into it.  Nice to see that they are making a strategy title based off of the book. :)

  • Looks like it lacks the gratuitous nudity of the TV show. THUMBS DOWN!

  • this could be good....i absolutely love the show, so hopefully they do good XD

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