CosBlog # 66: Sorceress Edea by Hopie Chan

by Meagan Marie on Sep 29, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Sorceress Edea is not only one of my favorite characters in the video game realm, but one of my favorite character designs. That's why I was excited to stumble upon Hopie Chan's fantastic rendition of  Final Fantasy VIII's antagonist. Check out her gallery below!


Who: The Character
Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII.

Why: The Decision
Final Fantasy VIII is easily my favorite FF game, although I love all of them! I had cosplayed Rinoa and Selphie before, and while replaying through the game recently, I took a huge liking to Edea, one of the antagonists of the game. Her side of the story is evil, epic, beautiful, and tragic all at the same time. She's got a great design, and I had to really push myself as far as craftsmanship was concerned, which is something I wanted to do.

What: The Process
I worked on the costume off and on for a period of over two months, taking more time on it closer to the convention I debuted her at. As for materials, I feel like I've used every medium I know of for different parts of her. The dress was a nice stretch knit that made it easy to form to my body. The feathers were rooster feathers that I selected because the beautiful sheen they have. The headpiece is made from first making a plaster mold of my head, then covering it in Paper Clay. Other mediums I used on the headpiece were Model Magic, Sculpey, wire, Wonderflex, glass beads, and metallic paints. The back piece was made from wooden dowels, plastic, Sculpey, wire, and Wonderflex. My boyfriend Score helped me with the majority of the back piece and getting the harness to work. I can't say how much it cost all together, as I try not to keep track of all that stuff, sometimes it can be a bit stressful when I do! The most difficult piece was definitely the headpiece, as I have never done something like that before.

Where and When: The Debut
My boyfriend, Score, and I debuted Seifer and Edea for Anime Matsuri's Masquerade Contest in 2011. Anime Matsuri has always been one of my favorite cons as far as the contests go, so I knew I wanted to show off Edea there.

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me on DeviantArt and


The Gallery
Photographers: Filmshooter, Mike Boike, Amanda Peterson, Amanda Peterson, Con-goer, Celesse, Pancake-Mix, and Mike Boike.

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