Atlus Keeping Demon's Souls Servers Alive Into 2012

by Phil Kollar on Sep 23, 2011 at 10:20 AM

For a game where dying is such a common occurrence, Demon's Souls sure doesn't seem interested in biting the dust. Despite the impending release of spiritual successor Dark Souls from new publisher Namco Bandai, Atlus has announced that it will be extending server support for Demon's Souls into 2012.

This is technically the third server extension for the game. About a year ago, Atlus said the servers would be up until at least fall of 2011. Now Atlus is saying the game's online functionality will continue working into 2012, although the publisher has not clarified how long into next year the servers will keep running. I'm sure a big part of that will depend on how much Dark Souls steals the steam from its predecessor.

Atlus manager of PR and sales Aram Jabbari explained the reasoning behind the latest server extension:

"While it comes at significant cost to us and although it has been over two years since the game revolutionized the notion of multiplayer and online functionality in an RPG, our commitment to the game and the fans that turned it into an incredible success remains as strong as ever.  While the reality is that one day the servers will ultimately close due to operation and maintenance costs, that day is not today, nor will it be this year.  We're excited to continue to support one of the most significant, influential games in recent memory into its third year, and we're planning to hold more tendency events for our loyal, beloved fans.  If you've been waiting to try Demon's Souls or held off with concern that it was too late to join in, the truth is that there's never been a better time to see what all the talk and awards are all about."

The announcement coincides with a new push from Atlus to buy Demon's Souls at its delightfully low price of $19.99. It's true that Dark Souls launches in a couple of weeks, but it's never too late to go back and experience a game this good.