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Sony Pegs Vita Battery Life At Three To Five Hours

by Phil Kollar on Sep 13, 2011 at 09:55 PM

Given the relative power of the PlayStation Vita compared to other handheld gaming devices, one of the biggest questions about the system has been its battery life. Now we have an official estimate.

Sony has revealed that the Vita will run for between three and five hours on a single charge while playing games. This estimate is minus any bonus features such as bluetooth or a network connection -- things that will likely drain the battery much faster.

Sony also said that the handheld will be able to play video for five hours and music for nine.

So three to five hours of game time (if you're not doing anything else). Is that enough for your handheld gaming needs or are you going to hold out for an upgraded model with better battery life?

[via Andriasang]