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EA Beats Farmville For Minor Victory In Facebook Wars

by Phil Kollar on Sep 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM

 EA hasn't been shy about its push to dominate the social gaming space. It looks like all that effort is paying off, as they now have some impressive numbers to back them up.

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that for the first time since its launch, The Sims Social (EA's Facebook spin-off of The Sims) beat Zynga's ever-popular Farmville for number of daily players. As of yesterday, the number of players in the last 24 hours for Sims Social was 9.3 million, edging out Farmville's 8.1 million.

While EA is almost certainly pleased with those numbers, they've still got a lot of work left before they really topple Farmville or Zynga. For example, Zynga's more recent release, Cityville, still holds the number one spot for daily users with 14 million. And in terms of monthly users, Farmville still beats Sims Social, with 35.7 million players and 34.3 million respectively. On the monthly user charts, Zynga games hold the top four slots while The Sims Social is currently in fifth place.

EA's John Reseberg says that between Sims Social and the publisher's recent acquisition of PopCap, EA is now "far and away the no. 2 player in social games." Will they be able to maintain this momentum and take the top spot or are they going to be stuck in second place?