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Crytek Co-Founder Responds To Allegations From Ex-Employee

by Phil Kollar on Sep 08, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Last week a blog appeared accusing Crysis developer Crytek of poor working conditions and a "hire and fire" mentality. Earlier this week, Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli responded to these claims.

Speaking to Develop, Yerli called the accusations "completely misleading" and said that the company "respects and values its employees very highly, and equally." Yerli says the current number of employees at Crytek is the same as the peak number of employees it had while developing Crysis 2 and employees have shifted in and out in "the normal way that projects work."

According to Yerli, of the positions that the blog listed as targeted for redundancy, nine actually resigned, one was a contractor, and only four were laid off. Those sixteen people exited the company between 2010 and early 2011. Of the four that were laid off, two took Crytek to court in Germany attempting to get better severance options, but Crytek came out on top in both cases, which Yerli pointed to as evidence that the developer always supports employees who are let go at least up to legal standards if not beyond.

Yerli says the people who were let go were not done so for the sake of cost-cutting, and contrary to the blog's accusations, the new location that Crytek is moving to is actually bigger than its previous office to make room for the company's continued growth. Yerli does not know who wrote the blog but says he "has much more important things to do than guess about it."

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